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Temporary Tattoos The New Spring Fashion

Posted on5 Years ago by

Spring is in the air and that means the shedding of winter and its clothes. Gone are the heavy jackets and pants. The sun is out and the clouds have drifted away. The world is ripe and it’s time to show some skin! And there’s no better way to highlight your skin than with a temporary tattoo.

Temporary tattoos are a great way to add some excitement to your personal style and break out into the new season. They can push forward an enticing look, add mystery, or simply be an expression of creativity.

With the heat rising temporary tattoos will be literally all over the place. Outdoor festivals, playgrounds, amusement parks, and huge markets have people sporting temporary tattoos. Everywhere you look people are experimenting with new designs, graphics, and logos.

It’s not just the beaches and parks that are showing more designed skin. The runway is also sporting temporary tattoos. High-end designers such as Coco Chanel, Jean Paul Gaultier, Rodarte and Marches have all used temporary tattoos to decorate their models as they strut the run away.

The fashion designs ranged from gothic looks to tattoo stockings to face freckling. Temporary tattoos have been a great way for these designers to make their fashion pop.

Temporary tattoos make people stand out from the crowd, while offering the ability to blend back in as well.

There are a ton of reasons to try out temporary tattoos. Here are some of the top reasons why
  1. You aren’t sure you always wanted a tattoo. The greatest thing about temporary tattoos is that they are temporary. You can try before you go for the permanent thing.
  1. You want to experiment. Want to see how your tattoo looks in a dress? How it looks in a bathing suit? On your arm versus your leg. Or maybe you want to try out different designs – tribal versus script, floral versus graphics. There are thousands of choices.
  1. You are concerned about allergies or risks of permanent tattoos. While tattoos have become more sanitary, there are still health risks associated with them. Temporary tattoos have little to no risk.
  1. You might want to get your permanent tattoo removed and can’t afford it. Getting a permanent tattoo lasered off is expensive. There is a real price to regret that just isn’t there with temporary tattoos.

The best reason to get a temporary tattoo though is your reason. Deciding what you want and why you want it is empowering. Temporary tattoos let people make that choice for themselves and help people desire the skin they’re in.

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