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5 secrets to shine at each celebration

Posted on4 Years ago by
From funky arm art to flashy metallic masterpieces, we’ll show you how to dazzle at any event.

At nightclubs, galas, and weddings, more and more people are making a mark with fake ink and temporary tattoos. From glittery pictures to bold designs, we’ll show you the best tattoos and where to place them for any type of celebration.

1. An evening with friends

For a night on the town, you’ll want something super fun and bubbly to reflect your mood. Arm tattoos are perfect for making an impression and creating your own unique look.

Flowery tattoo sets or words such as ‘Forever’ or ‘Always’ are guaranteed to compliment any evening wear. These tats are easy to layer and play around with, helping you stand out from the crowd. A flower tattoo underscored with the message ‘Forever’ should help you shine.

An evening out with friends is the perfect time to show off a full-length arm tattoo. Choose a design that reflects your personality or mood and wear a short-sleeved t-shirt to really show off the tat.

2. At a nightclub

Planning to party at the club? The right temporary tattoo can make your outfit really pop !

If you love wearing short skirts, a temporary tattoo peeking out from underneath your clothes will look awesome. We recommend a pretty floral tattoo on your upper thigh to make a killer impressions on any dancefloor.

If you like wearing tight t-shirts or vests on a night out, a bold chest or shoulder tattoo will look incredible. A powerful eagle, panther or tiger tattoo will highlight and accentuate your physique, making you the center of attention.

3. At a wedding

Many couples decide to set up temporary tattoo stations on their wedding day to entertain guests and create a warm vibe. From flowers to bows, to personalized messages, tattoos can compliment any wedding outfit and reflect your personality.

We recommend small, discreet tattoos for weddings that will help get you noticed without going over the top. A small floral tattoo on your finger or an inspirational message on your upper chest will work really well. Geometric designs such as arrows and circles can work wonders as well !

As you’ll likely be suited and booted, a small hand or finger tattoo is likely your best bet at a wedding. A discreet ring tattoo around your finger can signify support and unity. Other popular options include a compass and an anchor to show that you feel the marriage is solid and destined to move in a positive direction.

4. At a gala

Galas are all about class and sophistication, so your tattoo needs to be visually pleasing as well as memorable. Glittery or metallic tattoos will work well for both men and women.

Discrete and pretty tattoos will compliment any gala dress or outfit, especially if you color-coordinate them. A pretty bow will look amazing on your wrist or on your upper back, peaking out behind your dress straps.

If you want to really stand out, you could take a leaf out of Cara Delevingne’s book and opt for full-arm tattoo sleeves or transfers !

Your neck is the ideal place to put a temporary tattoo for a gala as it will still stand out even if you wear a suit and tie. We recommend small swallow tattoos running along the side of your neck. This will help express your personality without being overbearing. A pair of wings are another solid option.

5. At a music festival

Music festivals are one of the best places to showcase your love for the weird and wonderful. Think alien heads, rainbows, and lips !

Tattoos of lips or mouths really help you embrace your sassy side and they fit in well with almost any music event. We recommend placing them on your inner wrist or shoulder. They suggest playfulness and openness without being too extreme.

Darker, moody tattoos will complement any concert outfit and are sure to get you noticed. Think Tigers, serpents or scorpions and you’ll be along the right lines. Your upper arms or shoulders are good places for getting maximum attention.


If you’re looking for the perfect tattoo to help you make an impact at your next event, hopefully, you’ve found our tips helpful. Temporary tattoos are one of the best ways to make a statement, show your personality and leave a lasting impression.

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